Capacity fade of Lithium-ion automotive batteries

While navigating through the electro-mobility world, select an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid vehicle, indicate your typical distance driven in a month, choose a recharging strategy for your vehicle and learn how your selected e-vehicle behaves in term of battery degradation, energy consumption, driving range and vehicle performance.

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Which electric or hybrid vehicle do you own or would you like to own?

A Segment City Vehicle
Electric Vehicle
A Segment
B/C Segment Vehicle
Electric Vehicle
B/C Segment
D/E Segment Premium Vehicle
Electric Vehicle
D/E Segment
Premium SUV
Electric Vehicle
Premium SUV
D Segment PHEV
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
D Segment

How much do you drive in a month?

0 / 500 km/month
Low mileage per month
500 / 1,000 km/month
Medium-low mileage per month
1,000 / 1,500 km/month
Medium mileage per month
1,500 / 2,000 km/month
Medium-high mileage per month
> 2,000 km/month
High mileage per month

How do you recharge your electric vehicle?

Recharge at home during the day
/ 8h
Long Stop Public AC
Slow Charge
Fast charging on the road
/ 30min
Short Stop Public DC
Fast Charge
Recharge at home at night
/ 8h
At Night AC
Slow Charge
Recharge at medium speed on the street
/ 5h
Long Stop Public AC 3-phases
Medium Speed Charge
Recharge combined slow and fast speed on the street
/ 30min - 8h
Recharge Combining
Slow and Fast Speed

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Battery Degradation